Presentations @ SwiNOG #23

SwiNOG #23 Agenda
Quick presentation of the new federation
Pascal Gloor SwiNOG FederationPresentation
Virtualisation on Linux and storage high-availability
Mario Iseli / Christian Schlaeppi adfinis GmbHPresentation
How to maximise the available capacity!
Fredy Kuenzler / Emanuel Kleindienst Init7Presentation
Leverage the Network – Leading the Way to 400 Gb/s Ethernet Interfaces
Gerard Speelman Alcatel-LucentPresentation
RIPE NCC Measurements and Tools
Vesna Manojlovic RIPE NCCPresentation
Update from Equinix
Remco van Mook EquinixPresentation
LISP (Locator/ID Separation Protocol)
Roque Gagliano CiscoPresentation
Transmission 3 – five theses for a larger, faster, easier, more reliable & scalable network
Thomas Weible FLEXOPTIXPresentation
SwissIX Update
Basile Bluntschli SwissIXPresentation
DEC-CIX Update
Arnold Nipper DEC-CIX Management GmbHPresentation
Reducing DriveBy Infections in .ch/.li
Serge Droz SWITCHPresentation
Roundtable: Domain blocking by SWITCH, is it smart?
Serge Droz SWITCHPresentation

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