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this is the official Call for Paper email. Please submit your proposal via

The 36th meeting of the Swiss Network Operators Group (SwiNOG) will be held in Berne on top of the Gurten on Thursday November 14th 2019.

Important Dates for
29.07.2019 Call for Papers
19.08.2019 Registration opens
31.10.2019 Final publication of agenda
03.11.2019 Registration closes
08.11.2019 Deadline for all slides
14.11.2019 Meeting day

Topics for Presentations/Talks
The number and length of presentations per session is not fixed, although due to time constraints we would prefer the length of the presentations to be between 5 to 45 minutes. Here is a non-exhaustive list of typical SwiNOG meeting topics:

  • Security, DDOS Mitigation,
  • IPv6
  • Open Source tools and interesting Github projects
  • International view of the internet (incidents, outages, measurements)
  • Routing
  • Server applications (DNS, Web, etc.)
  • Legal issues (BüPF, etc.)
  • Telecommunication politics (Net Neutrality, Incumbent monopoly, etc.)

-> PLEASE feel free to talk to us about any kind of topic and collaboration!!! You can always start a discussion on the list – I’m sure people join in.

Language of Slides and Talks
The whole day will be held in English, therefore we kindly ask you to produce your presentation in English.
Be aware that in general we will record your presentation on video and publish it on Youtube (unless disapproved).

Submission Guidelines
All submissions must have a strong technical bias and must not be solely promotional for your employer.
Please remember that your presentations should be suitable for a target audience of technicians from varied backgrounds, working for companies whose sizes may vary considerably.
To submit a proposal for a presentation, we request that you to fill in the form at

We also welcome suggestions for specific presentations which you feel would be valuable to the SwiNOG community.

Please be aware that your presentation will be published on the SwiNOG website after the event. We can publish modified slides if requested – it might be that some confidential data will be presented by you which are not intended for publication on the internet.

Call for Sponsors
At the moment we don’t have yet a sponsor (thus the meeting is not yet fixed).
If you are interested to be part of SwiNOG #36 as sponsor or supporter, please get in touch with us.

For more informations about sponsoring opportunities check out:

Steven Glogger
SwiNOG Core Team

General Information (SwiNOG Community)
The Swiss Network Operators Group (SwiNOG) is an informal group of people who are concerned with engineering and operation of the Swiss Internet.
SwiNOG exists to enhance the quality of Internet services available in Switzerland. It does this by fostering the free exchange of technical ideas and information between different companies and organisations.
SwiNOG is a community for professionals who are operating, designing or researching the Internet. It provides a technical forum where those working on, with and for the Internet can come together to solve problems with every aspect of their (net)work.
The meeting is designed to provide an opportunity for the exchange of information among network operators, engineers, researchers and other professionals close to the network community.

More information about SwiNOG can be found at, Facebook, Xing,
Information about the meeting will be published at

General Information (SwiNOG Organisation)
The SwiNOG Organisation Association is a non-profit association under article 60 and further of the swiss civil law. It manages the SwiNOG community ressources (domain, web, mailing-lists, etc..) and organises SwiNOG meetings.

SwiNOG Organisation
8000 Zurich