Swiss Network Operators Group

The Swiss Network Operators Group (SwiNOG) is an informal group of people who are concerned with engineering and operation of the Swiss Internet.

SwiNOG (Swiss Network Operators Group) is a community for (not only) Swiss service providers and IT specialists since 24th of February 2000. SwiNOG is analogue to NANOG und DENOG. SwiNOG was founded as the very first European NOG.

SwiNOG exists to enhance the quality of Internet services available in Switzerland. It does this by fostering the free exchange of technical ideas and information between different companies and organizations.

SwiNOG is an open group. New ideas and contributions are always very welcome. Subscribe to the mailing list and get involved!

As community SwiNOG has no fixed members or an official public presence – please feel free to contribute to our goals. If you want to support or sponsor an event – please contact us.