This presentation with demo shows the collaboration with Swisscom to advance Network Telemetry and Big Data technologies:
– Thomas Graf represents Swisscom Network Telemetry
– Paolo Lucente represent the open source data collection software pmacct
– Zongren Liu represents Swisscom Big Data
The presentation will be in general about the Network Telemetry Data Collection framework and its Big Data integration.

Swisscom explains, from a Service Provider viewpoint, the challenges in virtualization and why Swisscom believes this is a key topic to gain visibility in their networks and improve quality. This includes flow aggregation, BMP and Streaming Telemetry for forwarding-plane, control-plane and topology/device metrics. We will underline the importance of schema conversion and registration and the current challenges to align Big Data (data processing, storage and analytics) and Network Telemetry (data collection). We are going to demo flow aggregation and streaming telemetry.

Paolo Lucente is going to present the open source project pmacct. Its versatility to cover flow technologies such as IPFIX, BMP and last but not least streaming telemetry metrics where Paolo and Swissscom co-developing.