Presentations @ SwiNOG #31

Freifunk; not a Hotspot solution
Magnus Frühling Presentation
Open Ethernet Switches – Decoupling Switch Software and Hardware
Arne Heitmann MellanoxPresentation
Daniel Stirnimann SWITCH-CERTPresentation
VXLAN – Thinking outside the (DC)Box
Christian Kuster HuaweiPresentation
SwissIX Update
Manuel Schweizer SwissIXPresentation
Multi-tenancy with EVPN-VxLAN in Open Networking
Attilla de Groot Cumulus NetworksPresentation
L3 Routing to Hypervisor
Vincent Bernat ExoscalePresentation
NAT64 / DNS64
Will van Gulik Presentation
Network Automation – Road trip to an automated Network
Urs Baumann INS - Institute for Networked SolutionsPresentation
A whirlwind tour of the tools from the RIPE NCC for your network
Massimiliano Stucchi RIPE NCCPresentation
Community-IX – Simplify sponsoring, speed up communities
Theo Voss Community-IX 

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