Presentations @ SwiNOG #30

IoT Security and the Role of the Thing Manufacturer
Eliot Lear Cisco SystemsPresentation
StackStorm & ChatOps
David Gee BrocadePresentation
Simplify the lifecycle of your cloud with Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP)
Ivan Ostojic MirantisPresentation
Why you should take care of the network(s) around you or DDoS Suckz
Will van Gulik IP-Max SAPresentation
Reto Inversini GovCERT.chPresentation
SwissIX Update
Ulf Kieber SwissIXPresentation
Whats new with RRDtool and other stories from Tobi Oetiker GitHub repo
Tobi Oetiker OETIKER+PARTNER AGPresentation
Swiss NREN protection with DNS RPZ
Matthias Seitz SWITCHPresentation
The DNS Toolbox
Jeroen Massar Farsight Security Inc.Presentation
Silvan M. Gebhardt OpenfactoryPresentation
How scary is DNSSEC?
Massimiliano Stucchi RIPE NCCPresentation
How to increase availability using ExaBGP
André Keller / Manuel Schweizer VSHN AG / AGPresentation

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