Presentations @ SwiNOG #27

SwiNOG #27 Agenda
State of the IPv6 rollout at Swisscom
Martin Gysi SwisscomPresentation
Recent developments in Fast Convergence and Centralised Path Computation
Dr. Julian Lucek Juniper NetworksPresentation
Peering Challenges 2014
Ian Cleary Level (3)Presentation
Surviving the SDN Wars
Curt Beckman Brocade CommunicationsPresentation
NeDi Introduction & News
Remo Rickly NeDiPresentation
Efficient Network Management – Using an Out-Of-Band network
Tobias Brunner VSHNPresentation
Network Services Orchestration – SDN Today
Bruno Paolino Anuta NetworksPresentation
Drive-By Exploits – Mitigation and Takedown
Michael Hausding SWITCHPresentation
RIPE NCC Tools: an overview of what’s available, with a look at IPv4 depletion
Massimiliano Stucchi RIPE NCCPresentation

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