Here is the final agenda for SwiNOG #33 on Thursday 24.05.2018 on top of Gurten.


(registration closes on 19.05.2018 – after that you need to pay extra fee for late reg.)

We still have time for Lightning Talks (5min), if you’re up for it, you’ll get a free voucher for the next event or if submitted before 19.05.2018 – for SwiNOG#33


08:15 – Registration, Coffee & Gipfeli

09:15 – Welcome, Agenda

09:20 – Segment Routing | Eugene Paraponiaris (Cisco Systems)

Network simplification and automation using SRv6 (an opportunity for network stack simplification, infinite possibilities with network programming) SRv6 use cases (Fast-reroute with TI-LFA, SR-TE and Flexible Algorithms for easy 5G slicing, VPN and service chaining) Running SRv6 in your Lab today ( VPP project introduction and SRv6 implementation, Create your own SRv6 function as a VPP plugin, Other open-source SRv6-capable software: Linux kernel, iptables / nftables, Snort)

10:05 – The value of Shared Research on Cyber security | Reinder Wolthuis (TNO)

The three major banks in the Netherlands decided 4 years ago to join forces and start a shared research program on Cyber Security which is led by research institution TNO. In this presentation TNO will elaborate on some of the topics, how this shared research program became a success and some concrete results will be presented.

10:50 – Coffee Break

11:20 – Colocation and Connectivity – Enabler for Hybrid IT | Toan Nguyen

Cloud & Edge Computing, IoT and Digitization are leading to increased customer demand for agile and scalable data centers, colocation and connectivity. Datacenter provider must extend their capabilities and value chain to successfully support their customers and partners on their cloud and digitalization transformation. Learn how e-shelter´s advanced data center & connectivity solutions, partner eco-system and innovation lab serve as a facilitator and enabler for innovation and transformation. Become part of e-shelter’s “Home to the cloud”.

11:50 – PeeringDB Update | Arnold Nipper (PeeringDB)

PeeringDB has been around for 14 years. And an entry in PeeringDB is a must have if you want to interconnect with other networks. There is no other DB where you have all the information about networks, Internet Exchange Points and Facilities/Colocation at one place and nicely interlinked. As PeeringDB is so important, a Seattle (US) based association was set up in late 2015. In March 2016 a wholly new version of PeeringDB (PeeringDB 2.0) was released with an intuitive GUI and a powerful API. This presentation gives a quick update on PeeringDB, both from organization as well as from a technical point of view and highlights the latest developments.

12:05 – SwissIX-Update| Rémy Günter (SwissIX)

Traditional SwissIX Update

12:15 – Lunch

13:45 – How to get a grip on Security with Adaptive Threat Intelligence | Bryn
Norton (CenturyLink)

How analysing 114 billion netflow sessions every day supports your customers. Why honeypots enable you to spot new threat sources. What makes a day in the life of an experienced SOC staff member so special? Let Hadoop and Ransom Forest help your security staff to be even more efficient. Retrieving multi-angle info about all sorts of threats via a portal, email notification, export of log data or syslog feeds right into your SIEM. Render existing security infrastructure even more effective by focusing on the most threatened applications. Soon to come: get the entire end-to-end connection of a certain threat flow including URL and private IP to allow you proper and easy t-shooting

14:10 – RIPE’s Support of NOGs | Alastair Strachan (RIPE)


14:25 – The day we’ve been hacked | Pascal Gloor (tba)

How we’ve been hacked, what were the consequences, how we found out, how we fixed it, why do people keep it secret, why you should talk about it

14:55 – Afternoon Break

15:25 – Encryption in the transport layer: QUIC, TLS1.3, and HTTP/2| Mirja
Kühlewind and Brian Trammell (TIK, ETH Zürich)

This presentation will outline new and encrypted protocols of the web protocol stack like HTTP/2, TLS1.3, and QUIC. The talk will first introduce the protocols and then detail new features focusing on encryption and the wire image of these protocols that is observable on the network. Finally, the talk will discuss how the increased deployment of these protocols will impact network management and measurement.

15:55 – Coding Academy for Refugees | Hussam Allaham (Powercoders)

The story of Powercoders, the program details and the impact of the project

16:15 – Life beyond 750k | Fredy Künzler (Init7)

BGP Traffic Engineering

16:35 – | Aarno Aukia (

Lightning Talk

16:40 – Social Event

Looking forward to seeing all of you!!!