SwiNOG - Swiss Network Operators Group

24th May 2018


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  • The purpose of SwiNOG is to further improve the quality of Internet and other IP-based services available in Switzerland.
  • SwiNOG fosters the exchange of ideas and information between technical personnel involved with designing or operating parts of the Swiss Internet.
  • SwiNOG is non-political, and is not a lobby group. But it may serve as a focus for discussion on technical aspects of political, legal or commercial issues that effect the Swiss Internet.
  • SwiNOG is aimed at technical personnel working for Service Providers active in Switzerland, but it is open to anyone interested in furthering the SwiNOG goals. Subscription to the mailing list constitutes 'membership' of SwiNOG.
  • SwiNOG is not a legal entity. There is no formal membership or organisation, and no fees.
  • The principle channels for information exchange are the mailing list, web sites, and regular meetings every 3-4 months.
  • SwiNOG is a communal effort. Resources such as mailing lists, web sites, meeting organisation and so on are very welcome from any persons or companies kind enough to offer them.
  • The working languages are any official Swiss language plus English.
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